BHO002 – Snippets & Presale

BHO002 – Snippets & Presale

Yo Bladez,

first of all we want to thank you for the amazing support we got from all sides the last year. It’s nice to see that our Bladecasts are still listened to so diligently by you. Especially in this time of isolation we hope to be able to give you a little motivation to everyone and to feel your underpowered dancing legs. Seems to work quite well! Stay tuned!

After the first record was gone within two months, we were completely overwhelmed. We didn’t expect that. So we went back to our studios to work on the tracks for the second round. Today we are happy to announce that our second EP aka <<BHO002>> is currently in the press machine to get into the necessary shape to spin on your turntables soon.

As a sample, the tracks are now online on our Soundcloud. In mid-January the vinyl will be released. Again limited to 300 copies. This time the pre-sale runs completely over Just enter Bladehouse and you will find it there. 🙂

So far now from us. Listen in and leave us some feedback.

Best regards
Your Bladehouse Crew

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